As a swordsmen troupe we will hardly surprise you with such an offer, so choose right away from our list:


Theatrical shows

Under this spectacular-sounding title you will find dramatically built scenes or whole performances with a plot and even a twist at the end, aimed at entertaining and enlightening the audience.

Non-chivalrious chivalries, or Chivalrious non-chivalries

will not take you to the grim and dark Middle Ages, but subtly lift a veil of knights' chivalries, though with a certain hyperbole...

Catch him!

Probably everybody can guess what situation will bring this sentence  about. Our thief has a very unorthodox hiding place for his loot – and the hand of law will have to cope with the situation, as usual...

The Flirt

That infidelity does not pay is nothing to argue about. However, in our case, the wife of the philanderer takes the situation into her hands quite properly...


or, what may (or perhaps even might not) precede a common duel....

Riflemen's tracasseries

It takes a while before the men are able to use their rifles properly – especially when the officer has such „manpower“ to deal with...




Duel shows

In case where there is not enough time, space, mood or any other necessary ingredient, there is no other option than to compose  a show of separate duels, join them with apt commentary and perform them to an audience gathered in a place, time and historical setting of your wish.



Performances for schools

Historia magistra vitae, or what you don't know yet – that could be a caption for this special programme, aimed at the pupils and students of elementary and secondary schools. In 45 minutes they will have look into several periods of both Czech and European history to find out that the life in the Middle Ages and early Modern Age wasn't easy, but still had charm of its own.