Celebrations and festivals of towns and cities, of castles and chateaus as well as other such occasions:

Peasant Celebrations of Holašovice, Prachatice – Celebrations of the Golden Salt Route, Strakonice – Rumpálování, Rudolfov – Mining Celebrations, The Historical Vintage of Znojmo, Praha – Prague Castle Vintage, Praha – 400th anniversary of the death of Löw the rabbi, Český Krumlov – Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations, Děčín – Town Celebrations, Litvínov – Valdštejn Celebrations


Happenings of a more intimate nature:

Zbiroh – historical evenings, Silvestr, Hluboká nad Vltavou – Hotel Štekl, Praha – The tavern at the King of Brabant, Písek – Medieval tavern


Quests abroad:

USA, Italy, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Slovakia